Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hints and Tips

Hints & Tips on Wearing Your Fascinator:

If you have a fascinator which has a comb you may want to follow some of these helpful guidelines which will ensure your fascinator sits firmly upon your head.

Using a comb back comb the section of hair that you wish to attach your fascinator too, back combing provides a thicker foundation of the hair which will help keep the comb in place.

Hair spray will hold the comb in place, if you spray the comb be careful not to spray the fascinator itself, use your hand as a guard.When placing the comb into the hair, push the comb in a slightly opposite direction first, then slide into place, this will trap more hairs between the comb bristles ensuring a firmer grip.

Finally you can place a few curbi-grips between the base of your fascinator and your hair, the best hair slides to use are matt not gloss, matt hair grips are much less slippery.

If you have a fascinator on a hair band or a pill box with elastic fastening, it should stay firmly upon your head without any extra support, However if you are concerned you can always use some hairspray or hair slides. 

Care Instructions

In order to keep your fascinator in the best condition for as long as possible please follow these simple instructions.

Keep your fascinator stored in the box provided; this will prevent it collecting dust and becoming damaged.

Store your fascinator at room temperature and keep out of direct sun light, this will prevent the colours from fading and the piece becoming brittle.  

Please do not allow your item to get wet or be placed anywhere around steam as the embellishments used are often delicate and it may cause damage to your item.