Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Blogging, here I go!! Stop making excuses!!!

I have had a bit of a metal block to blogging because of my dyslexia. I know blogging is talked about as a great medium to help with business promotion, but I keep putting it off thinking "I have nothing interesting to say, or can't do it because I struggle with my dyslexia". I realised these were excuses, similar to the excuses I made before, on why not to start my own business, I managed to overcome those excuses so I have decided to overcome my blogging excuses too... so here I go

You will always find a reason not to do something, excuses are the biggest reason why so many talented people do not succeed in doing what they really want to do. Excuses even stop people achieving the littlest of goals in life which cause so much misery.

Excuses like: I haven't got the money, The economy is bad, She/he won't let me do that, people might laugh at me, I might loose my money, I'm too busy with other things, it's the wrong time of year.

There are far too many to list, but you get the point ...

Before I started my business I had my own excuses of, I will wait until I have enough money, I'm not quite ready, I'm afraid what people might think of me, others may not be happy that's what I've decided to do.

Amongst my misery and depression, one day I had an enlightening thought " The only reason not to start my business is me and my excuses"  I took a real look at myself and my miserable life and bulldozed my excuses.

I realised I would probably never have enough money to start my business so I decided I would let the money find me instead, when you really want to do something, I found that money just follows. I started my business with absolutely nothing, not a bean.

I realised I would never feel ready but that wasn't going to change until I made a start, I don't think you can ever feel ready, you're not born knowing how to do anything, you learn to do things by doing them and making  mistakes is apart of learning. When toddlers learn to walk they fall over a lot, but they don't fall down and say "I guess I'm not meant to be a walker" They get back up and keep trying until the master it.

I'm afraid of what people might think of me? well I was never going to find out what people would think of me and my work if I always kept it hidden. What was the worst thing that was going to happen? Really?

Other's may not be happy with me starting a business? well unfortunately this is true, I have been heavily criticised and put down by a few people who claim they care about me, but the reason why they say "I can't" and "I shouldn't" and frown upon me is that my actions of starting my own business challenges their excuses in their lives and why they aren't doing what they really want to do, some people find it much easier to criticise others than to change themselves. I realised that's their problem not mine, and it really didn't matter what I did I would never make those people happy anyway, so I might as well get on with what I want to do and let those empty judgements fall on deaf ears.

I am sure there will some people who totally disagree with what I just said, but for me, dropping my excuses has allowed me to be happy and free.

What's holding you back??