Thursday, 10 May 2012

Planning and Personalising your wedding made easy?

Planning and Personalising your wedding made easy?  

Every bride has there own individual unique ideas about their wished for wedding, whether you want the traditional, vintage, themed, big or small the general idea is to suit what you feel comfortable with to make your day special to you, stamping your identity on it.

With all the little details to think of it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of all your ideas etc.. Some brides use wedding planners to take the stress off, and others use binders and folders and do it themselves.  I would like to make a suggestion to the brides out there of using Pinterest, a fantastic visual online way of making mood boards and it is also great for social networking to and having a sneak peak at what others are up to in the world of weddings.

It's so easy to use and such a fun and creative way to collect all your ideas into one place...

I use pinterest myself to gather imagery and inspiration for my Artistry you can get my boards out here, please feel free to follow me, you my find some of my boards useful for your own wedding inspiration as I mainly pin everything to do with weddings and brides.

Be warned Pinterest is addictive ... Have fun and happy pinning